A great singing lesson makes you feel elated, empowered and confident. A great singing lesson is a mixture of relaxed fun and intense vocal technique. You will leave a great singing lesson walking on air and ready to take on the world




Simona R

How much can you pay somebody to care? Not enough, you can’t make anyone care, no matter how much you pay them, if they don’t care because it’s who they are at their core. Bayo genuinely cares for his students, music and life in general, which is always the difference between great teachers and legendary ones, that are talked about throughout the generations, because of the huge impact they had on somebody’s life. He has the “real thing”, both in the sense of his professional accomplishments and being a real human being doing what he was meant to do in this world, because he couldn’t not to. This is not a job for him, and you only need to meet him once to be able to tell that he doesn’t do this for money, fame, or any other reason than the profession itself. This is his vocation. The emotion I leave Bayo’s lessons with is a relief – relief of somebody taking me and my dreams seriously, and also encouragement. And by that I don’t mean the quick hit of energy that you get from looking at an impersonal motivational poster that says “You can do it”. By that I mean a long lasting shift in both your mood and attitude, that really makes you want to do things, for days and weeks after you leave his studio. Which again, can do wonders for your productivity. I would rather go to Bayo 2x a year, than to any other teacher 100x times a year. And I have never even tried any other tutor, but I know they wouldn’t be Bayo, and that’s all I need to know.”
I firmly encourage anyone reading this to try Bayo’s lessons (that is if you take your music career seriously, and you probably do, since you are on this website). If you feel like music is your purpose on this planet, you are actually very lucky to find this page. And yes, I believe Bayo could help you with getting your music out there, if that’s what you want, and are prepared to work very hard/give up a lot for it – but thanks to him, you will also notice that there is a much deeper side to singing and creativity in general than fame, which I am not saying to negate the first part of the sentence, I am saying that to strike your curiosity. If you have been dreaming about being a professional singer all your life, and perhaps you are struggling with low confidence, procrastination, creative blocks, crippling shyness about singing/everything, the clichés of artists that are more often true than not, you will also save a lot of money on therapy, fortune tellers, motivational seminars/weekends/books.
If one teacher in every school on the planet was like Bayo, I truly believe we would live in a much better world. I have never met anyone more suitable for their job. He really is the kind of man you will be telling your grandchildren about – and hopefully journalists in interviews on TV as well!”

Vicktor Taiwo

Bayo is a phenomenal vocal coach. His knowledge and experience is impressive but apart from that he knows exactly how to help each individual singer be the best they can be. He quickly diagnoses problematic areas and presents solutions that yield instant results that then become permanent with hard work and practice.

For me personally, he is an incredible motivator. You look forward to your next session with him, not only because he will improve your singing ability but also because he can imbue you with enough self-confidence to last the entire week!

His enthusiasm is very contagious.

Confidence and motivation are an integral aspect of improving in any area of your life and Bayo understands that better than most.”

Mikael Asaturov

“Bayo is one of the very few in the industry who will care, take care and help you as much as he can. Before I met Bayo I had gone through 3 singing teachers in a period of 2 years, as I did not see the result of any singing improvement. So as a forced-to-sing-guitarist, I had to find another teacher with no hopes of finding a good one or becoming a better singer at all. This all changed when I found Bayo. The moment you sing, he knows what level you are at, and knows how and when to correctly proceed to the next level. He sees your potential and shows it to you with your singing. It has been 4 months since I started working with him, to say it was a pleasure is to say the least: I saw a distinct improvement after 4 lessons, not mentioning a great progress in my song writing abilities. Bayo is no psychologist, but he will build up your confidence in signing, as well as genuinely motivate you and change your perspective on music overall. Bayo does one of the most difficult things: he makes you believe in yourself. With that he has shown me things, I never thought I could do. It feels like you always had that boost within you to go anywhere, but you never managed to find it. Well, Bayo will show it to you. I used to sing poorly out of my position and be unsatisfied, and now I find myself more as a singer than a guitarist. The man of precious energy and kindness. If not him, I would not be who I am today.” Mikaelle

Ben Noke

“I came across Bayo, after a good friend of mine highly recommended him to me within a few months of moving to London. I had previously had singing lessons with around 7 singing teachers, some of whom had taught great singers such as Stevie Wonder and Leona Lewis. I found my progress sporadic and my confidence was always fairly inconsistent. From the minute I stepped into my first lesson with Bayo, I knew this was a going to help me make some serious improvements and consistent progress. He doesn’t allow you not to achieve your potential – he literally nags you to death (if you want that and allow him to) as he genuinely wants the best for you. He helped me find the special qualities within my voice, my performance style and myself as a musician. To put this into perspective – I had been a professional musician for 10 years before meeting Bayo and I had studied at one of the top Music Performance schools for 3 years. What Bayo tapped into that no one had before, was what was holding me back – myself, my lack of courage, which produced a lack of consistency within my practice and song writing. Within 12 months of lessons with Bayo, I wrote more songs than I had for 6 years, great songs, great choruses and I practiced nearly every day for large periods of that year, (which I had never been able to sustain previously) On top of that, I had always felt my voice tired very easily and would start to lose my voice after around 1 hour of singing. He strengthened and developed my stamina so I could sing 2-3 hours back to back EVERYDAY.

He pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone and every lesson he would hound me to keep going and not give in to fear and to drive forwards.

What Bayo possesses is a very, very rare talent to be able to relate to people of all ability and ages and tap into what it is that is holding them back, what it is they want to achieve and the journey begins.

I can’t recommend Bayo highly enough for singers who have high aspirations to perform on the biggest stages or beginners who want to enjoy singing to its maximum.”

Nate Austin

Bayo has transformed my career beyond measure. I could not rate him highly enough for what he has done for me and my career. Not only does he hold excellent and highly detailed knowledge of vocals and techniques, he also possesses a huge amount of knowledge and insight as to how today’s music industry operates. He is without a doubt, an expert in his field. I consider him more a mentor than a vocal coach as he pushes me to be the best I can be to reach my full potential as an artist and a songwriter. If you follow his instructions you will notice the improvements very quickly and vast improvement over time. I could not fault his passion or teaching style. He simply just wants the best for his students and will do his upmost to ensure they are reaching their potential. Combine that with an extremely kind, comforting and encouraging heart and personality and you will find yourself the best coach I could possibly recommend without hesitation. If you put your faith and trust in this man, you will reach your full potential.”

Fiona Geddes

For years I struggled with my crippling lack of confidence when singing. I had tried many singing teachers and made little progress until I met Bayo! Bayo gave me the confidence, courage and skills to fulfill my true potential. Singing lessons with him are an absolute joy! I couldn’t have imagined how much improvement I would make and how much fun I would have doing it! THANK YOU BAYO”

Jonny Ross

Bayo is nothing short of an inspiration to work with. I came to him after having a vocal operation. As a professional singer it was a turbulent time but Bayo not only gave me the courage to relearn and adapt but helped shape my voice to be better than it ever was. Enthusiasm in abundance and a ‘work hard’ ethic. I’d recommend the man to anyone who’s serious about their singing.”

Anthea & Alfie Nash

“Bayo is a Mind Blowing teacher according to our 9 year old son who has been taking lessons from him for about 6 months now. His progress is unbelievable, and we can’t believe that the voice coming out of him is actually his. He has become a powerful, confident and charismatic singer and we can only imagine what his progress will be like in the next 6 months.

Bayo is ALWAYS positive and upbeat and keeps our son motivated and happy throughout the entire lesson. He is by far our son’s favourite teacher!!! He always looks forward to every lesson and comes out more confident than he did when he first arrived.

We highly recommend Bayo as a vocal coach because up until now our son has had 4 vocal coaches and none of them have been able to do what Bayo has done in just 6 months. He is an amazing teacher and is definitely the BEST at what he does.

Thank you Bayo for your continued positive attitude that you convey to our son at every lesson and for letting him know that he is a great singer.”

Giles Hayter

Where to start? I cannot recommend Bayo highly enough. In the months since I’ve been studying with him I have progressed as fast as I could possibly have wished for. Technically he is fantastic, however that is a small part of his teaching genius. There are after all many teachers who know their stuff. It is however a phenomenal thing to make the student feel, truly feel, like they are the real deal. It is a supreme joy to see the path laid out so clearly. Never before have I met someone who is so wholeheartedly invested in my musical life, and the difference that makes is huge. Since studying with Bayo I have enthused to many people about him. I have found myself saying the same thing over and over again – he is exactly the person I needed to meet at this stage of my musical life. Put simply: the man is a legend.”

Laura Muccini

If you are looking for the best vocal coach in the world Bayo is the right person. Working with him will bring you courage, self confidence, ambition and peacefulness. Bayo is a great professional and he will require the same behaviour from you. Enjoy your lessons!”

Elliot Jett

BEST Money I ever spent on my music career so far. I was looking for the best vocal teacher in London, and Bayo ticks all the boxes. Knowledge (practical & theoretical), passion, enthusiasm… I have performed at over 70 weddings, and as many recording sessions for producers. I started with Bayo only 2-3 months ago – he has already helped me: a) On a vocal level (tone, chest range, endurance). b) On writing pop songs as a habit. c) On insight about how to release my music and get signed. I truly believe he wants nothing but the best for his students and demonstrates this by going above and beyond your expectations. Just make sure you are serious, are prepared to actually listen, work for each lesson and you will see/hear progress within that first week, as crazy as this may sound.”

Christa Engelbrecht

When I discovered Bayo’s website, I instantly knew that this was the person I had been looking for. The website was detailed, personal and to the point and after I started working with him I can say that this reflects him two hundred percent! His sessions are highly positive, focused and with a great energy. He doesn’t allow any negative thoughts or self-deprecating words in his sessions and has in only two months: transformed the way I think and talk to/about myself; how I approach my voice and the skills we apply with each lesson so that I no longer criticise and punish myself for not being perfect from the start; my voice has grown so much and I am able to sing in a way I never thought I would ever be able to sing because he pushes me with every song he gives me.  Bayo is always honest and is truly interested in helping me create a positive frame of mind. He takes the time to talk to me when he sees that I am in one of my ‘valleys’ (as he calls it) and with only a few honest and encouraging words he enables me to do a 180 and I feel left empowered with a strong sense of groundedness. I can honestly say that I have worked with four ‘vocal coaches’ before starting to work with Bayo, but in those 5 years none of them have been able to change my voice and my mindset as Bayo has in just two months! After leaving his sessions, I feel so positive and inspired. In fact, given the choice, I wouldn’t leave…I would move in! He has given me the courage to pursue my dream. I truly am lucky for having him as my coach and mentor.”


Before I met Bayo I had had sessions with two vocal coaches. My experience with the first vocal coach was quite negative and only lasted for one session. My second vocal coach was good but I was heading in a direction that I felt wasn’t right for me. Then I found Bayo and from the moment I first contacted him and spoke to him on the phone I knew he would be the man to get me back on track! To have Bayo as my vocal coach and mentor is an honour. I am going places with my vocals that I didn’t think I would – extending my range, improving clarity and gaining different techniques for different genres. Bayo has also inspired me to push my song writing and performance skills and has reinstated a belief in myself and my musical capabilities. His passion and professionalism is unprecedented. He wants me to succeed whole heartedly and believes in me 100%. To have that kind of support in my life and music career is invaluable. Thanks Bayo!”

Gregor McWilliam

Bayo is a top quality, dedicated vocal coach with a genuine interest and support for those he teaches. His lessons have something for all contemporary singers, regardless of previous experience, and he has a great way of communicating ideas and imparting skills in a seemingly simple and effective way. In addition to his ability to get the best out of his students, he provides a great deal of encouragement and a solid framework from which an artist/musician may establish themselves outside of lessons. Highly recommended!”