Frankie Fulchini

STARS ARE NOT BORN, THEY’RE MADE! I’ve been going to Bayo for the last three years now and the amount of things I’ve learnt is indescribable. First the singing: you know that hidden potential that you are sure you have somewhere but you’ve never been able to fully discover? Well, if you have the courage to explore it with his teaching and the strong work ethic to practice it, I can assure you you’ll find yourself singing songs you’d never thought you could sing before. Bayo also helped me finding one of my biggest talents I didn’t even know I had which is songwriting: thanks to him I’ve been able to bring my art to the next level and set new goals and milestones to my music career. He also pushed me to try producing my own music and after a while I can now proudly present something that is completely mine, from scratch to the released product. Let’s not forget that our motivation and drive is as important as our technical skills, and in my whole life I’ve never met anybody that believes in his students like Bayo does. I feel very blessed I’ve met him and I’ll be forever grateful to him.”


Bayo is nothing short of an exceptional vocal coach. I have seen a huge improvement in my range and technical ability since training with him. His infectious energy and care for his students is remarkable. Having had many different coaches I cannot recommend Bayo strongly enough. His knowledge of the industry paired with his honest approach will save years of disappointment. Thank you Bayo. Peace and Love x”

Emma Caraman

Best vocal coach ever! I’ve started to do lessons with Bayo since July and I truly believe that he has something special that other coaches don’t have, he has the passion and believes in your talent no matter you’re a beginner or a pro. My voice quality and range has improved thanks to his techniques but most important he helped me gain more confidence to believe in myself.”

John Arger

I just wanted to say in a few words what a blessing it has been both finding, then working with bayo. From the first time I called him regarding coaching my son Alfie I felt an aura of professionalism around him. Our first meeting with him only added to the feeling that Bayo would be such a great influence on my sons potential. Bayo’s coaching over the past few months has seen such a progression in my son Alfie’s singing and Alfie seems so much more committed and wants to push himself that much further as a result of Bayo’s direction, work ethic and positivity. I have noticed just how much Alfie wants to get his tasks and homework completed between sessions to demonstrate to bayo how much he has achieved! As a result, he really looks forward to his next lesson and can’t wait to get there, despite the long journey we have to make. However, the greatest change I have seen in Alfie’s singing is the confidence that bayo has brought out in him in the recent performances since Bayo’s lessons. In short, I would strongly recommend bayo to anyone else looking for a vocal coach who can really make a difference!”

Eleni Sellountou

I had the honour to have a few lessons with Mr Bayo during my stay in London. He managed to teach me even in 3 lessons really helpful exercises for my technique. I am also thankful for all the motivation he gave me and the amazing information about the music industry. I look forward to continue my lessons with that amazing teacher.”

Dustin Bhoyrul

“What Bayo doesn’t tell you is that he’s actually a miracle worker who can give you results in as little as 3 sessions. I think he is one of those rare individuals who has this unique ability to unlock talent and ability in anyone who’s willing to take just the first step towards singing and voice culture. Bayo will lead the horse to the river AND make him drink! What he requires of his students in terms of commitment, professionalism and input, he transmits effortlessly through his contagious passion, patience and strong work ethic.”