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  • Donagh Cadogan Avatar
    Donagh Cadogan
    1 month ago - Google

    BAYO is the real deal. I've progressed more in a few weeks than I have in several years of practice and other lessons. He has taught... read more

    Garmel Charles Avatar
    Garmel Charles
    1 month ago - Google

    Bayo is unrivalled as a vocal coach! Bayo lessons have taken my singing leaps and bounds and helped me overcome many hurdles in a short period... read more

    Isabelle Mienandi Avatar
    Isabelle Mienandi
    1 month ago - Google

    It's been two months that I've taken lessons with Mr Bayo and during this time, I have made tremendous progress, more than I've made in the... read more

  • Seala Davis Avatar
    Seala Davis
    2 months ago - Google

    Bayo is certified, he’s see things in you, you don’t see yourself. Very very helpful and stern!! He is definitely up there. I highly recommend his... read more

    Olivia Ebony White Avatar
    Olivia Ebony White
    3 months ago - Google

    Fantastic Voice Coach who has numerous successful singers on his book. He is extremely talented and serious about his art. He brings out the best... read more

    Latifa Yedrouj Avatar
    Latifa Yedrouj
    8 months ago - Google

    ..I saw improvements after just 2 lessons! Bayo is simply the best vocal coach! I cannot thank him enough for his endless time, dedication and motivation when it comes to his teaching. I... read more

  • Alessia Schnorf Avatar
    Alessia Schnorf
    9 months ago - Google

    I had singing lessons for a couple of years before starting with Bayo but I wasn't feeling very confident and wasn't happy with my voice. Once... read more

    Alex Green Avatar
    Alex Green
    9 months ago - Google

    I was a guitarist first and foremost in a band but wanted to take on some vocal duties. I found Bayo and within a very short... read more

    ParentVille Parties Avatar
    ParentVille Parties
    10 months ago - Google

    I first contacted Bayo when I was on vacation. I was fed up with not doing anything about my calling for singing and songwriting and I... read more

Great singing lessons in London with the UK’s best vocal coach

CAN YOU LEARN TO SING? 100% YES! Yes, if you have the courage to dream of a greater you. Yes, if you are willing to work hard. Yes, if your love of singing is greater than your fear of embarrassment. And yes, if you have the courage to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. The harder you work at singing with a great vocal coach, the better you will get. Take singing lessons with me in London and transform your singing.

Singing lessons in London builds self belief

DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF? If you are serious about learning to sing you have to learn to believe in yourself. You must have the courage to think for yourself and reject what people have made you believe about your potential. You must have the courage to follow your dreams. Take singing lessons in London with a great vocal coach. I will help you develop the courage to follow your dreams, but firstly you need to understand who you really are.

THIS IS WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You are a unique member of the most amazing species in the history of the world, you are a human being. We are much more than the job we do or the money we earn. We possess the incredible ability to turn our dreams into reality. Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who dream the impossible and keep on trying until the impossible becomes real.

You have created cities, pyramids, temples, paintings, sculptures, books, songs, poems, watercraft, aircraft, spacecraft and more. Everywhere you look there is evidence of your magnificence. Everything you see began as an idea in the mind of someone with the courage to dream. You are the only ‘you’ there is or will ever be.

You were born to dream, so dream big. Singing lessons in London with a great vocal coach will help you embrace your greatness!

Professional singing lessons in London take courage

DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO EMBRACE YOUR GREATNESS? Stop believing in other people and start believing in you. The proof of your potential is all around you. Your existence on this planet and everything you have created is a miracle. You are a living breathing ass kicking miracle maker. You are the most incredible creature in the universe and your potential is limitless. Do not let fear or negative people limit your dreams. If your dream is to sing, then have the courage to believe in yourself, take singing lessons in London with a great vocal coach and follow your dream. If you do not believe in yourself why should anyone else? So, let go of fear and embrace your greatness. This is who you really are. You are greater than you know

Achieve your dreams with singing lessons in London

WHAT DO YOU LOSE BY FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS? Nothing! No matter what you do or fail to do, one day you will die. The person with no dreams and the person who follows their dreams end up in exactly the same place. You came into this world with zero and you will leave with zero. Understanding this truth will free you to live your life on your own terms and follow your dreams. The only questions you should ask yourself are, ‘Will I feel happy if I live my life without ever trying to follow my dreams?’   And, ‘What will I gain when I can sing?

WHAT YOU GAIN BY FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS? Joy! Life is a miraculous opportunity to follow your dreams and fill the experience with joy. How much joy will you feel when you can sing? How much joy will your singing give your audiences? Life is a journey, a beautiful adventure. If you spend your journey following your dreams you will feel much happier at the end than if you had never tried. So take singing lessons in London with a great vocal coach and follow your dreams.

Develop your talent with singing lessons in London

IS SINGING A NATURAL BORN TALENT? No one is born speaking or singing. Singing is a normal human ability just like speaking. It is learned through intense practice and repetition just like every other physical skill. The harder you work at singing with a great vocal coach, the better you will get. Have singing lessons with me in London and transform your vocals.

Work with a great vocal coach in London

WHAT IS A GREAT VOCAL COACH? With so many singing teachers in London how do you tell the difference between an average vocal coach and a great vocal coach in London? Ideally, get a recommendation from a major record label A&R manager. But if you don’t know anyone in the London music industry, I advise you try out several singing teachers; compare results and come to the best.


A great Vocal Coach will hugely expand your singing genres and vocal style options giving you multiple ways to interpret a song.

A vocal coach who has the empathy to accurately gauge your mood and lift your spirit in minutes to a place where you can be fully productive.

One who shows you your inner talent and potential even when you can’t see it yourself.

Great Vocal Coaches make initially difficult singing techniques fun and easy to understand.










For aspiring professionals I will share my knowledge about the latest most successful pathways into the music industry.

And for the True Artist I will have your back every step of the way through the hills and valleys of your journey to greatness.

I will motivate you to sing even when you’ve had a bad week or day and don’t feel like singing.

And will inspire you to have the confidence to practice at home even when your flat mates, family and neighbours can hear you.

ARE YOU A TRUE ARTIST?                                                                               

All artists have self-doubt and fear but True Artists refuse to let fear stop them from following their dreams and reaching for the stars.

You are a True Artist:

When you understand that performing and creating music is one of the most worthwhile ways of living imaginable.

If you possess the ambition, work ethic, self belief, tenacity, vision and courage to develop your talent with a great vocal coach and create your own future.

And when you would rather follow your own path through life than waste a precious second following someone else’s, and risk one day looking back with regrets, wishing you had been braver.

And if you are wise enough to understand that the only real failure in life is failing to have the courage to try.



Your life is a beautiful adventure and your love of singing is a natural and essential part of it. This is self-evident in every culture and every corner of this earth. So have the courage to defeat fear and follow your dreams with all your heart. You will never regret giving your dreams your best shot but you will definitely regret it if you never try.





Great singing takes courage. To get up on stage in London and entertain strangers takes courage. But everybody has to start somewhere. To be my student I require your love of singing be greater than your fear of failure so that together we can help you develop the courage to step outside your comfort zone, strive for greatness and take your singing to the next level. I admire any singer no matter their ability, age or experience who comes to me with a passion for singing and a readiness to learn. I believe a singers attitude to their craft and their journey is everything. And with the right attitude and the right vocal coach in London the possibilities are limitless.




I love working with professional singers because professional singers always have a great attitude. They know from experience that great singing teachers are rare and really appreciate the unusual level of energy and support I give. Professional singers already understand that great singers are made not born. And that the voice is developed by strengthening muscles through repetitive exercise. Just like with musicians and athletes. Professional singers come to my London vocal studio with ambition and purpose and I give them solutions and rapid progress. I expect the same attitude of professionalism from all my students.





I see your true potential. Great vocal coaches love nurturing raw potential into polished greatness. I love discovering and nurturing talent. A great singing teacher enjoys nurturing potential into talent and success. I do this and more.

Endless positivity. A great singing teacher is always positive, always on your side and never has an off day. I am an extremely positive vocal coach.

Massive enthusiasm. A great vocal coach must have limitless enthusiasm. A great singing teacher has technical knowledge and a natural and limitless enthusiasm for bringing out the best in their students. I have this and more.

Immense empathy. The greatest vocal coaches in London feel what their students feel. They have immense empathy. They are emotionlly and mentally connected with their students. I feel what my students feel and I am with them every single step of their journey.

Dedication passion. The best vocal coaches in London are passionate about teaching. To be a great singing teacher you have to have the passion, dedication, patience, sensitivity and integrity to walk that extra mile with your students.

Inspire you. All great vocal coaches in London inspire. I enjoy inspiring, pushing, lifting, guiding, coaxing, supporting and doing whatever it takes to help my singing students achieve their goals.

Unbreakable integrity. Great vocal coaches in London have unbreakable integrity. My level of intense dedication and belief in my singing students is impossible to fake.

Total belief. The very best vocal coaches in London totally believe in their students. I am proud to admit I live vicariously through my students. I am great at what I do because I totally love teaching and I totally believe in my students.


To justify my belief I look for these essential qualities in new singing students:



A sincere passion for music and singing
Trust in your singing teacher to know your true potential even when you doubt yourself.
In my professional students I look for ambition and an open mind.

If you possess these qualities keep on reading:

As your vocal coach I am 100% confident my teaching will transform the voice of any singer who genuinely loves singing and is willing to work hard. But I expect all of my singing students, whether beginner or advanced, to come to my London vocal studio with a professional attitude.

I get enormous satisfaction from seeing and hearing the improvement in your singing. But your attitude to your singing lesson is as important to me as your singing ability. I expect you to appreciate and respect the effort and faith I place in you by always doing your best to be your best.



Record yourself singing a difficult song before your first lesson and record yourself again a couple of weeks later. Great singing lessons strengthen and alter muscles very rapidly. With weekly lessons with a great vocal coach and regular practice, your singing will improve every 10-14 days.


Video record your performance at a live gig at one of the many great singing venues in London before your first lesson; and video record yourself again at a live gig after a performance lesson. Your performance skills will improve massively from great singing lessons in London with a professional vocal coach.


London is the epicentre of popular music in Europe. If you are serious about music you want to be where the action is. Major record labels  and Artist Management companies look to London for originality, innovation and trend setting. And so it’s one of the best places in the world to launch a professional singing career.

Take regular singing lessons in London and improve your vocal ability. Camden, Soho, Chelsea, Islington, Kilburn, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Hammersmith, Hackney, Kensington, Fulham, Clapham. Whether you live in South London, East London, West London or North London.

Every day of the week multiple open mic nights in Central London offer singers of all standards the opportunity to hone their singing and performance skills in front of live audiences. London is full of budget recording studios, rehearsal rooms and live venues. And best of all, London has thousands of singers, musicians, vocal coaches and producers to collaborate and share your journey with.



Singing lessons in London are available in these locations:

Camden NW1 Kilburn NW6 Hampstead NW3 Belsize Park NW3 Swiss Cottage NW8 St Johns Wood NW8 Kentish Town NW5 Golders Green NW11 Hendon NW4 Euston NW1 Kings Cross WC1 Islington N1 Marylebone NW1 Highgate N6 Archway N19 Clerkenwell EC1 Covent Garden WC2 Richmond TW9 Putney SW15 Maida Vale W9 Paddington W2 Chelsea SW3 Fulham SW4 Brixton SW2 Soho W1 Westminster SW1 Earls Court SW5 Kensington W8 Notting Hill Wembley HA0 Shoreditch E1 W11


Which cities in the world are best for singing lessons?

London, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville: Partly because of the greater number of teachers teaching singing lessons, London has become a magnet for singers from across the continent. Also, the popularity of singing competitions has increased the demand for singing lessons. London hosts the finals of The Voice and XFactor. Singing lessons in London can be found in every borough and neighbourhood. And with Skype, singing lessons with a great vocal coach in London can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


All artists have self-doubt and fear but true artists have the courage to follow their dreams regardless. You will never regret giving your dreams your best shot but you will definitely regret it if you never try. Your life is a beautiful adventure and your love of singing is a natural and vital part of it. So have the courage to follow your dreams with all your heart, live your life on your own terms, have singing lessons in London with a great vocal coach and embrace the adventure.