Great singing lessons from the best vocal coach in London. Take your singing skills, vocal power, pro singing career and stagecraft to the next level. Defeat fear, work hard and learn fast.

With so many singing teachers in London how do you tell the difference between an average vocal coach and a great vocal coach? Ideally, get a recommendation from a major record label A&R manager. But if you don’t know anyone in the London music industry, I advise you try out several singing teachers; compare methods and answer this question: WHAT IS A GREAT VOCAL COACH? And then come to the best.



A great Vocal Coach will hugely expand your singing genres and vocal style options giving you multiple ways to interpret a song.

A great Vocal Coach will have the empathy to accurately gauge your mood and lift your spirit in minutes to a place where you can be fully productive.

A great Vocal Coach will show you your inner talent and potential even when you can’t see it yourself.

A great Vocal Coach will make initially difficult singing techniques fun and easy to understand.

For aspiring professionals a great Vocal Coach will share their knowledge about the latest most successful pathways into the music industry.

And for the True Artist a great Vocal Coach will have your back every step of the way through the hills and valleys of your journey to greatness.

A great Vocal Coach will inspire you to sing even when you’ve had a bad week or day and don’t feel like singing.

A great Vocal Coach will inspire you to have the confidence to practice at home even when your flat mates and neighbours can hear you.

ARE YOU A TRUE ARTIST?                                                                               



All artists have self-doubt and fear but True Artists refuse to let fear stop them from following their dreams and reaching for the stars.

You are a True Artist:

If you understand that performing and creating music is one of the most worthwhile ways of living imaginable.

If you possess the ambition, work ethic, self belief, tenacity, vision and courage to develop your talent and create your own future.

If you would rather follow your own path through life than waste a precious second following someone else’s, and risk one day looking back with regrets, wishing you had been braver.

If you are wise enough to understand that the only real failure in life is failing to have the courage to try.


Your life is a beautiful adventure and your love of singing is a natural and essential part of it. This is self-evident in every culture and every corner of this earth. So have the courage to defeat fear and follow your dreams with all your heart. You will never regret giving your dreams your best shot but you will definitely regret it if you never try.


Jon Blaylock

It’s not an easy task to find a teacher with the technical know-how and experience that is a cut above the rest. But if that were all that Bayo brought to the table throughout my time as his student, I probably wouldn’t be taking the time to write this review.
I’ve had many brilliant teachers throughout the course of my life, but in all honesty, none has made as much of a difference to me as Bayo has. There is no doubt in my mind that my technical skill as a singer progressed significantly under his instruction, but what made even more of an impact on my musicianship was the way he inspired me to run full-speed, arms flailing, with every ounce of strength and energy towards achieving my full potential.
I doubt any other teacher would have had the focus, zeal, and vision that could possibly inspire me enough to spend day after day doing scales and breathing exercises in a tiny flat with cardboard walls, amidst critical flat mates and jeering neighbours (one of which literally got on a microphone to sing along just so the whole block could hear him making fun of me!). No one else could have kept me going with a fire in my gut and a massive grin on my face the way Bayo did. The improvement I saw week after week coupled with his ability to see and communicate with such conviction the singer I could become – it strengthened my resolve far more than I ever thought possible.
Whether you’re a pro or an amateur looking to bring your technique to the next level, or you need more holistic type of instruction touching on everything from stage presence to song-writing, I have no doubt in my mind that Bayo will exceed your expectations. He did mine in countless ways, and I know I’m that much closer to being the best and bravest performer I can possibly be because of him.”


In our first lesson, I was an aspiring artist with untapped potential I wasn’t even aware of. Bayo made it a point to always encourage me to push my limits as he believed that nothing was out of reach and it is thanks to my BIG vocal improvement over the years of working with him that I am now able to be the artist and writer I have always wanted to be with no restrictions or inhibitions.

But what makes Bayo that much more special than any other vocal coach is his personal involvement with his students. His encouragements go beyond the lessons themselves as his support shows through him listening to songs created and offering a thorough critical analysis, attending students’ gigs whenever he can as well as sending highly motivating and encouraging emails in between session just to make sure we ‘Stay on the case’ ! He has a definite skill/gift in ridding anyone of any doubts that may be crippling them!

Bayo has without a doubt been, and continues to be, a significant part of my journey and I would recommend him to anyone in the blink of a eye, so book that first lesson and get ready to get your Mariah Carey on!”

Nina Clarke

I can honestly say Bayo revolutionised the way I sing and I will be indebted to him forever. I had been to a few singing teachers as a semi pro in London, all of whom complimented my vocal abilities but didn’t really seem to improve my power and range in full voice. Within just a couple of lessons from Bayo, I was a true diva, belting out Mariah Carey with no trouble at all. Totally thanks to his awesome teaching methods, I am now a professional singer, touring all over the world, performing to thousands of people with several bands: The Tarantinos and Abba Revival (won The UK Top Tribute Act last year) as well as several others (when I have time). I have albums published, am a session singer both studio and live and have sang with Jamie Oliver, Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), Thunder, Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden), The Quireboys to name a few. I cannot stress enough how much it is down to Bayo. I have been asked to teach semi-pros and I refuse, because I know there is no way I could do what Bayo does. I don’t know exactly how he does it, but I promise you he will change your voice forever from an ok singer to a really great singer. I haven’t seen Bayo for many years now but if I lived in London still I would probably keep up occasional lessons, just to stay in top form. If only he lived nearer to me!!”

Alice Wunderland
Bayo is exceptional. Not only is he great as a vocal coach, but also as a human-being. When I started taking singing lessons with Bayo I was very devastated and doubted my ability to sing, although I had had so many singing lessons throughout so many years before. This is why I will always be more than grateful for his incredibly inspiring and passionate lessons. Bayo teaches with his full heart and soul, leaving you with the feeling of being able to climb mountains. So what I have learned definitely changed me as a singer, but it also changed the way I walk through life. For sure much depends on your own ambition, but Bayo’s deep knowledge in singing and the encouragement you’ll get is what I believe every singer needs. To be honest I wish there existed a Bayo in every subject field, I am sure so many people would reach goals they never thought of being able to reach. Long story short, it is more than 150% worth it to have lessons with this amazing teacher!”
Charles Lee

“What can I say about the Supercoach?

Well he is the man.

Whatever your level and personal goals, be they performing live, making a demo, song writing or performance techniques, if you work hard and be professional in your attitude and output Bayo will give you all the tools you need to reach the next level and attain those goals (and even greater ones where he thinks you are selling yourself short!)

It takes a lot of guts to be a singer and Bayo hammers this into you from your first session. The word courage will be a constant reminder of what it takes to be a singer. Plant, Rogers, Hathaway and all the greats were not born with those voices, they trained hard and practiced constantly, and so must we.

Under Bayo’s tutelage my improvement was rapid. In under 6 months I went from singing around the house (and as a party trick for my friends) to finding myself doing a sound check with a non English speaking band I had not met previously 1 hour before I went on to sing.

Bayo buys into your success and I found myself practicing even harder to show how much I appreciated his effort and belief.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

The Blue Artic

If one took a bunch of the world’s best vocal coaches, put them in one big orchestra, quite surely Bayo would be their conductor… Bayo is pure a w e s o m e n e s s! A short explanation: after years of singing and quite a few teachers, I made my peace with the way I sing. Then Bayo came, breathed some life back into me, showed me unbelievable things, said to practise them and a couple of weeks later I couldn’t believe my ears. And my band couldn’t believe theirs (our band has six ears in total). My voice started to transform and is getting better and better with every single lesson. Cutting to the chase. Bayo is an amazing vocal coach, the purest form of inspiration and a great human being!”


When I first started singing lessons with Bayo I had no idea of the impact he would make on my life! Before Bayo I was unconfident and nervous in my performances. I pushed my voice in the wrong ways when belting and had an unpolished tone on low notes. I had written one song. In these couple of years I have had Bayo I have written over 200 songs, I gig frequently, I can hit notes in my range I never dreamed of, my tone has improved, and I have completely come out of my shell in my performance! I know that this was all down to Bayo’s expertise. As well as focusing on the technical side of singing and performance techniques, Bayo has also taught me about the music industry; the social media side of things, what A&R and record labels are looking for, how to create a following, and the work ethic that is needed to succeed. Bayo is not just a singing teacher he is a coach, a guardian, a FULL TIME SUPPORTER and much more! He takes the time to email you every week with supportive emails and texts and is always interested and proud to hear anything you have worked on between lessons, giving constructive criticism and pushing you to create something better and better each week. I urge anyone looking for a singing teacher to look no further as this man is a blessing to any singer out there. I have complete trust in him and would put my entire career in his hands! Never want another singing teacher – this guy knows what he’s talking about and I have no doubt he would be perfect for anyone looking to succeed in the music industry. Thank you Bayo!”

Yasmin Jane

Bayo is amazing!! I have been to numerous vocal coaches from 14 years old, they would always get me to a certain point and then I would have to find the next, with Bayo I instantly heard the difference I was worried to begin with because the techniques really work you hard, but I believed and practiced and practiced and already I can hear a massive difference, my friends got goosebumps from my last covers I did and it is such an amazing feeling ! Bayo really believes in you he pushes so hard but he really believes , I never knew about nasal tones and how important they are to singing but because of Bayo I do ! His techniques are different and push you harder than anyone I’ve ever used before but I can sing and belt like I never could before and I’ve still got more to come ! I’m excited for the next lesson every time I go And I can’t wait to hear how my voice will improve in the next 3-4 weeks and so on and so on ! The only vocal coach I would ever recommend ! Thank you Bayo !!!”

Siana Schofield

Bayo has to be the best singing teacher I have ever had! He really pushes you to your full potential and recognises it in your voice! No doubt in my mind that Bayo will help me to be the best singer I can be. His lessons are very different to any other lesson, he is so positive, upbeat and very focused in everything you do which really helps your confidence and the belief in yourself. Thank you Bayo!!!”


I’ve been making amazing improvements with BAYO, he is the most motivating vocal coach I’ve ever had and truly engages in each lesson. I’ve been encouraged by him to deal with songs I would have never tried to sing before and actually quickly grown towards being able to sing them. I can recommend BAYO to any singers who are looking for someone to guide and help them on their musical journey.”

Jacqui Siu
Bayo has a unique and empowering approach to teaching singing. He helped me understand my voice and made me aware of my full ‘toolkit’ that I could apply to live performance and writing music.

Musicians tend to carry a lot of self-doubt and Bayo teaches you how to overcome this by teaching you ways to build a strong mind and attitude.

I enjoy every lesson always leave feeling confident, motivated and excited. You really get every minute’s worth and most importantly, he reminds you of why you love music and gives you the courage to continue pursuing your dreams!”

Dionne Oxford

Working with Bayo is one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my life! I came to Bayo at a time when I felt like I was at rock bottom. Letting the past be the past, I was ready for a new chapter; deciding to get back into the arts and for the very first time investing in myself with vocal coaching. Although when I have previously sung I received compliments, I never classed myself as a true singer. I would call myself a dancer who can sing although I knew deep down that I had more vocally to give. I researched vocal coaches in London, contacted Bayo and I instantly knew he was a perfect match for me. From the very first lesson I had immediate improvements. They were so good that I wanted to continue to put the work in to find out where my capabilities take me. Now I have been working with Bayo for over six months and I cannot praise him enough. Below are some key points that stand out for me: Bayo helps me: – Learn and effectively use necessary techniques to see fast results – Gain confidence in my vocal ability, as a performer and also myself as a person – Greatly increase my vocal range and control – Explore and enhance vocal dynamics I didn’t even know I had What makes Bayo incredible is that he: – Has a genuine passion for what he does – Always encourages you even when you have self doubt – Naturally makes you want to work harder to be the best that you can be – Is an AMAZING person My only regret is not finding Bayo sooner!”




Great singing takes courage. To get up on stage and entertain strangers takes courage. But everybody has to start somewhere. To be my student I require your love of singing be greater than your fear of failure so that together we can help you develop the courage to step outside your comfort zone, strive for greatness and take your singing to the next level. I admire any singer no matter their ability, age or experience who comes to me with a passion for singing and a readiness to learn. I believe a singers attitude to their craft and their journey is everything. And with the right attitude and the right singing teacher the possibilities are limitless.




I love working with professional singers because professional singers always have a great attitude. They know from experience that great singing teachers are rare and really appreciate the unusual level of energy and support I give. Professional singers already understand that great singers are made not born. And that the voice is developed by strengthening muscles through repetitive exercise. Just like with musicians and athletes. Professional singers come to me with ambition and purpose and I give them solutions and rapid progress. I expect the same attitude of professionalism from all my students.

A great singing teacher enjoys nurturing potential into talent and success. I do this and more.

A great singing teacher has technical knowledge and a natural and limitless enthusiasm for bringing out the best in their students. I have this and more.

A great singing teacher is always positive, always on your side and never has an off day.

To be a great singing teacher you have to have the passion, dedication, patience, sensitivity and integrity to walk that extra mile with your students. You must enjoy inspiring, pushing, lifting, guiding, coaxing, supporting and doing whatever it takes to help your singing students achieve their goals. I am proud to admit I live vicariously through my students. I am great at what I do because I totally believe in them and I totally love teaching. This level of intense dedication and belief in my singing students is impossible to fake.

To justify my belief I look for these essential qualities in new singing students:

A sincere passion for music and singing
Trust in your singing teacher to know your true potential even when you doubt yourself.
In my professional students I look for ambition and an open mind.
If you possess these qualities keep on reading:

I am 100% confident my teaching will transform the voice of any singer who genuinely loves singing and is willing to work hard. But I expect all my singing students whether beginner or advanced to have a professional attitude.

I get enormous satisfaction from seeing and hearing the improvement in your singing. But your attitude to your singing lesson is as important to me as your singing ability. I expect you to appreciate and respect the effort and faith I place in you by always doing your best to be your best.






Record yourself singing a difficult song before your first lesson and record yourself again a couple of weeks later. Great singing lessons strengthen and alter muscles very rapidly. With regular lessons and practice your singing will improve every 10-14 days.


Video record your performance at a live gig before your first lesson and video record yourself again at a live gig after a performance lesson. Your performance skills will improve massively from great singing lessons.



London is the epicentre of popular music in Europe. If you are serious about music you want to be where the action is. Major record labels  and Artist Management companies look to London for originality, innovation and trend setting. And so it’s one of the best places in the world to launch a professional singing career. Camden, Soho, Chelsea, Islington, Kilburn, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Hammersmith, Hackney, Kensington, Fulham, Clapham. Whether you live in South London, East London, West London or North London. Every day of the week multiple open mic nights in Central London offer singers of all standards the opportunity to hone their singing and performance skills in front of live audiences. London is full of budget recording studios, rehearsal rooms and live venues. And best of all, London has thousands of singers, musicians and producers to collaborate and share your journey with.







Which cities in the world are best for singing lessons? London, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville: Partly because of the greater number of teachers teaching singing lessons, London has become a magnet for singers from across the continent. Also, the popularity of singing competitions has increased the demand for singing lessons. London hosts the finals of The Voice and XFactor. Singing lessons in London can be found in every borough and neighbourhood. And with Skype, singing lessons in London can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


All artists have self-doubt and fear but true artists have the courage to follow their dreams regardless. You will never regret giving your dreams your best shot but you will definitely regret it if you never try. Your life is a beautiful adventure and your love of singing is a natural and vital part of it. So have the courage to follow your dreams with all your heart, live your life on your own terms and embrace the adventure.